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ARCTIC LION is an experimental production studio that develops original drama with an interest in environmental design, nature, landscape, ecology and sustainability. We want to foster novel ways of creating drama that questions assumptions of conventional form. We explore modes of practice that employ sustainable objectives, such as the reduction of waste, in order to push the art form in new and exciting directions. We see the pursuit of environmental sustainability as a creative opportunity and a laying down of the gauntlet to innovate. We want to build the platform for new artists and writers so that we get a range of flavours that is so important to the innovative and diverse nature of art and culture. We live in an age where artistry can be taken for granted. Arctic Lion seeks to engage in a cultural and creative discussion about the relationship between form and functionality within the arts, and the role theatre can play in environmental discourse. We want to reorientate creative work as a means to help society because multi-disciplinary, artistic exploration can be a path to understanding and overcoming societal issues. 

The arctic lion is an extinct animal and mythological creature, meaning it is both a symbol of ecological conservation and of cultural story telling.



Hamish Muir founded Arctic Lion in 2017.  Hamish is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer and researcher. His creative work includes set design for theatre, bespoke installations, satirical illustration, playwriting, and poetry. He draws on his background studying civil engineering at Imperial College and art history at the Christie's Education, associated with the University of Glasgow. Hamish has worked in the commercial and public art world. He is currently a PhD researcher at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, researching sustainability in the design of theatre performance. He has worked with leading theatres in the UK in the development of creative solutions that make sustainable operations fruitful artistic opportunities. Arctic Lion is a forum to explore and experiment with cross pollinating ideas in culture and the environment in line with his research.

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